The Best Movies That Realistically Present on aha app

The Best Movies That Realistically Present on aha app

Do you enjoy watching Tamil movies? Are you someone who is fond of watching movies that have realistic elements and less fictional elements? Then you must jump right onto the platform and browse through their latest addition of movies.

On the aha platform, you can find the best Tamil movies. aha is a popular and trending OTT platform that streams several Vernacular contents. You can either choose to stream the movie online, or you can also download the content and watch them later according to your convenience.


Plot OfJiivi

If you are on the hunt for watching realistic Tamil movies, then you must surely watch Jiivi. It is a great crime thriller that you will surely enjoy. After an intelligent experience once that his love has been jinxed, he further plans something that is quite notorious.

After successfully conducting the robbery along with his friends, a strange set of events take place. Watch what happens next in the movie. Watch the movie just on aha to know the set of events that shock all of them. This movie is a great watch; the storyline of the movie has been crafted in such a manner that there are no exaggerations that are made in the movie. Watch Jiivi exclusively on aha.


Plot Of Selfie

The story of Selfie is about a bad-tempered engineering student who, due to a certain misunderstanding, got trapped in the middle of a college admission racket. He and his friends then further get in the center of attraction of the target line of several goons and loan sharks.

The movie was based on real-life incidents that were heard by the director. There the exaggerations in the movie are to the minimum. The movie is based on true and real events that were faced by an engineering student.

If you enjoy watching movies that have a realistic plot, then this movie is for you. Jump right onto the aha platform and watch Selfie.

Watch the Best Crime Thriller Movies on aha.

Are you wondering where you can stream the latest hit Tamil movies? You can watch all the latest and trending hits of movies and series on the aha platform. You can also download aha android And watch your favorite series or movies.