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Monday, May 17, 2010

Note: Boxed wine expiration date

I’ve had this unopened box of Peter Vella Vinyards white zinfandel sitting in my closet for almost two years now. About a year ago I tried googling to find out how long unopened boxed wine lasts for, but I couldn’t find the answer and left it there until today. I decided to e-mail the manufacturer and finally get my answer—only a few hours after I sent my e-mail! Behold their excellent response:

Thank you for contacting us regarding Peter Vella Vineyards. We appreciate the opportunity to respond to your inquiry.

With regard to your inquiry, the shelf life of any wine can vary considerably depending on the wine type. Shelf life can range from 6-9 months for blush wines up to several years for full-bodied red wines. Our winemakers recommend that our White Zinfandel be consumed within 9 months of its bottling date for optimum taste and quality.

Equally important is the way in which the wine is stored long term after bottling. The following are guidelines for proper storage of wine. Stored, unopened wine should be kept away from bright light, in moderate temperatures, and free from constant vibration. The optimum storage temperature for wines is 55 to 60 degrees, though temperatures ranging from 45 to 70 degrees are not harmful. More important than the exact temperature is absence of sudden, wide swings. Above all, sharp temperature changes should not be frequent.

Corked bottles should be stored on their sides or with their necks tipped slightly down, keeping the corks moist and airtight. Bottles with plastic or metal caps are best stored upright.

We hope this information is helpful and appreciate you giving us this opportunity to answer your question. It is our further hope you will continue to enjoy our fine products for many more years to come.


Peter Vella Vineyards

And on that note, I found out that it takes roughly 2.5 minutes to empty 5 liters of boxed wine through the spout.

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