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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Deal of the Day: BELKIN Dual Fit Sport Armband fits iPod Touch/iPhone 4 & 3GS/Droid Incredible [dead]

I haven’t posted a deal in a while because I stopped shopping for stuff. However, I have been wanting an arm band for my iPhone when I go running and I’m glad this one is at a decent price. This is an overstock item and doesn’t come in its original retail packaging. It’s not specified for anything other than the iPod touch but it will fit other devices like the iPhone and Droid as long as you take off the case if you use one.

It has a key pocket, a reflector band around the front for night running, and it’s made of super soft neoprene material.

According to Amazon reviews (who also has this for $1 more in retail packaging), if you have big arms (15+ inches around or so) this will not fit you. Here’s hoping it doesn’t suck.

$5.99 FS (MSRP $19.99) @

Deal is dead but it’s still available on Amazon for a buck more.

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